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Furnished Apartments

IRAS Tenancy Agreements in Dhak, Bangladesh-Furnished and Serviced apartments
A rental agreement for your relocating employee can be issued under the employee’s name, under your corporation’s name or under IRAS`s name.

Many of our client’s chose to use our Tenancy Agreement in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The reasons are:

IRAS has over 275 apartments rented in our name using an industry recognized Tenancy Agreement (TA) that is fair and equitable to the Landlord and the Tenant. IRAS acts as the tenant and gives the employee a 'License to Occupy' - this document mirrors the TA between the Landlord and IRAS, INC. The main reasons why this Tenancy is used by our clients rather than an AST are as follows:

  • Having issued over 300 in the last 8 years, the TA is fair and quickly adopted by the majority of landlords
  • Our buying power allows us to reduce or even eliminate Letting Agent Fees saving up to BDT 30,000 - BDT 60,000 per property
  • IRAS as the tenant can legally negotiate with the Landlord regarding ALL property matters
  • IRAS will provide a 24/7-365 Emergency Property Helpline
  • IRAS has a dedicated Maintenance Team that keeps accurate records of agreed property changes to reduce damages claims
  • IRAS can pay the employees rent and charge back to the client
  • IRAS can arrange for the most cost effective utility connections to be paid by the occupant or client via IRAS
  • IRAS will provide a settling in/snagging service for the first 3 months of occupancy, and in some cases during the entire lease period
  • If the occupant has to leave early, the client can post another employee and the replacement employee can be issued a new License to Occupy with recourse to cancelling the Tenancy Agreement and accepting the penalties.

Hunting for housing?
We match people looking for temporary housing with an extensive network of temporary housing and long term providers in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
We leverage our in-depth knowledge of both the industry and the available properties in major cities to generate for our customers the largest selection of temporary housing and long term housing apartment at the most competitive rates. Our search service is free. They enjoy cost-saving benefits, and you get the best deals around.

Demand for temporary housing and long term housing is growing. We know because we have been in the business for more than 20 years. The hardest part of the job is matching what people want with what is currently available. So we created a database to provide an up-to-date inventory of temporary housing and long term housing available in Dhaka, Bangladesh cities coast-to-coast and throughout Bangladesh. We are specialists at locating temporary housing and long term housing in Bangladesh. Our mission is to make it easy for corporations, small businesses and individuals to find exactly what they want with a single search.

Temporary Employee Relocation
If you are planning to relocate your employees within Dhaka, Bangladesh or overseas, on a temporary basis - IRAS can help and advise you on corporate relocation, whether it's a short or long-term assignment, a commuter assignment or an extended business trip.

We help you plan a hassle-free relocation. We support the relocating spouse and children ensuring that your employee is able to focus immediately on the job responsibilities in the new location.

We offer a choice of temporary employee relocation services, all designed to ease the transition of your employee and the relocating family.

Visa & Immigration in Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Pre-Move Orientation, Look See, Decision Trip
  • Settling In, Post-Move Orientation
  • School Search/Education Advice
  • Home Search/Rental Accommodation
  • Furniture Rental
  • Removal & Storage of Household, Pets and Cars
  • Hotel Booking
  • Serviced Accommodation
  • Working Partner Support/Spousal Employment
  • Area Guide
  • Language Training
  • Driver Familiarisation
  • Disconnect Service
  • Cross Culture Training
  • Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) reports

We treat every temporary employee relocation as individual and advise you and suggest solutions for your specific requirements.

Corporate Relocation
IRAS, INC relocates people all over the world. Our clients benefit from our experience by reducing their risk and by keeping the relocation costs controlled and within budget. The relocating employee and family must be looked after to ensure a successful assignment. With a few tools and our tremendous knowledge, we will help you outline and implement your corporate relocation project meticulously.

Employee Relocation Policy
A carefully thought-out Relocation Policy is the most important document to ensure a successful transition; it should be the pillar of any move. The Relocation Policy can define and manage all expectations, reduce the risk from a corporate viewpoint and keep the expenditure under control.

Group and Company moves
A major and yet, exciting challenge is when an organisation decides to move to a new location. If run smoothly, on time and within budget, it is a major coup. If, however, it is poorly executed this will have a drastic affect on the morale of the staff and will have serious consequences on the productivity of services. It is absolutely essential that all aspects of the intended move are considered, and this is where IRAS's direct experience comes into play. With a team of dedicated and enthusiastic professional Move Advisers and Relocation Project Managers, IRAS will deliver that successful relocation.

Policy Design, Review and Development
We can design a new relocation policy and advise on your current policy by using our extensive experience and industry-benchmarking data. When you have a clear and comprehensive policy in place you can reduce your risks and improve your internal communications with all staff that may be affected by the relocation.

Housing Cost Disparity Report
This is an essential tool that gives you a like-for-like report and ensures a comparable property costing. When you need to keep your relocation costs to an acceptable level and ensure that your assignees do not benefit from any betterment, or indeed, suffer from any shortfall.

Managing Expenses
A major part of our relocation service offering is the need to reduce your employees' stress levels when relocating. Our experience has shown us that a major worry for your transferring employee and family is the fear of 'cash out of pocket'. We make sure that your employees audited expenses are reimbursed within 48 hours. Further, you will be kept up to date with all transactions and bespoke reports submitted to you on request.

Compensation, Benefits & Taxation
Assignment costing can be huge. Control your relocation budget, yet ensure you and your employee are compliant with tax schemes - benefit from our deep knowledge to assist you and your employees.

Housing Cost Disparity Report
When you have an employee relocating from one location to a new destination, and your Relocation Policy states that no 'betterment' is to be achieved from the relocation - how do you compare and match the value of the property in the current location to the value in the new one? How do you and your employee know if their cost of living will increase or decrease? These are important corporate questions that require some serious thought and action.

Our Housing Cost Disparity Report allows your HR and Procurement departments to see house price costs on a like-for-like basis. The difference, either negative or positive, can be applied against relocation policy in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our report will confirm whether the employee is relocating from a low to a high cost area (or vice versa). This result can be used to calculate mortgage differential and stamp duty payments on a like-for-like basis.

We will use either the sales details from the existing property or obtain a valuation(if part of the Guaranteed Sale Price). This system looks at the demographics of an existing postcode and compares all areas within a given radius of the new work site, identifying the top five matching areas.

The objective of our report is to provide a valuation for the existing property as if it was for sale in the area. Our report will highlight the top matched area and includes the calculated differential in price.

Our Report includes:

  • Top five matching areas
  • Calculation of difference
  • Valuers' comparables
  • Maps, data and infrastructure

Expense Management
During any relocation your employee worries about being 'out of pocket' in expenses. To handle relocation expense payments within your corporation is time consuming, as each individual expense has to be audited prior to payment. IRAS will take this administrative burden from you. We will audit each expense, discuss with your employee what expenses are covered, reject payments - unless they are in your relocation policy or have been approved as an exception, and pay approved expenses within 48 hours directly into your employee’s bank account.

Since the introduction of the BD Relocation Allowance, the effective tracking and monitoring of 'relocation expenditure' for producing customized policy is essential. IRAS can provide a full expense payment service and reimburse expenses direct to your employees.

Examples of some employee expenses:

  • Disturbance Allowance
  • Cost of Living Allowance (COLA)
  • Goods & Service Differential
  • Per Diem
  • Relocation Lump Sum
  • Travel expenses
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Rent, Utilities, Council Tax
  • Removal Costs
  • Employee legal fees and stamp duty
  • Mortgage valuation and arrangement fees
  • Mortgage redemption fees
  • Survey fees


We work in partnership with you and act as an extension of your HR and Procurement Department to:

  • Remove the administrative burden from you, paying your employees quickly and within your policy guidelines
  • Processing employee expenses within 48 hours
  • Provide flexible cost-effective solutions to manage your needs
  • Produce consolidated finance information
  • Provide a full 'Expense Management' programme as required
  • Manage the reimbursement of all expenses directly to your employees
  • Process claims and pass to our bank for payment

Client Reporting

We tailor our reports according to your needs, but our standard reports include:

  • Individual monthly employee expenses
  • Monthly consolidated employee’s expenses
  • Exception Management
  • Other relevant Information
  • Permanent Employee Relocation to/within Bangladesh

When your employee and family relocates either within Bangladesh or from overseas to the Bangladesh on a permanent basis, careful planning needs to be administered. Does your relocating employee own the current home or is your employee a home renter? What provisions do you have in your Relocation Policy? Does your policy ask for a Like-for-Like report?

Selling the home for the home owner
The biggest worry of your relocating employee is usually the sale of the current home; can a good price be achieved? Surveys need to be organised and Legal Requirements must be met. Is the property empty and the Vacant Property needs to be managed? Does your relocating employee need Financial Advice? We can help you get organised and sell the home quickly and efficiently, ensuring your employee is able to move immediately, as a cash buyer. The relocating employee is assured that their home is in good hands and the employee can focus on the new job.

  • Guaranteed Sales Price Scheme (funded and client funded)
  • Managed Sale
  • Vacant Property Management

Home Renter

How can you help your relocating employee to terminate the lease?

Purchase of a new Home
The previous home is on the market and a new permanent property needs to be secured. It might take a little while to find the ideal new home, so temporary accommodation might be needed in the interim.

  • Purchase Home Search
  • Rental Accommodation
  • IRAS Tenancy Agreement
  • Serviced Accommodation

Other important factors to consider

  • Managing Expenses
  • Housing Cost Disparity Report
  • Removal & Storage of Household Goods, Pets and Cars
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Visa & Immigration
  • Area Orientation
  • Area Guide
  • School Search
  • Working Partner Support
  • Driver Familiarisation
  • Furniture Rental

Furniture Rental in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Have you found an unfurnished property for yourself or for your relocating employee? Are the household goods still stored, in transit or held up at customs? Did your relocating employee not ship the personal belongings? Are the furniture still at the old property which is for sale? Is your vacant home without furniture and it should be displayed in the best light to optimise on sale?

We can help you furnish properties – fast - from the essentials for a studio apartment to a stylish, high quality and unique multiple-bedroom home. Our furnishing solutions range from a very small budget to the top end in furnishing, creating the look and feel you wish to achieve.

All furniture will be delivered and assembled in the rooms of your choice. When our furniture is not needed anymore, we collect them at your convenience.

You can hire our furniture from a few essentials to a complete inventory including electric appliances and bed linen. All our solutions are flexible, for the interim, short or long-term requirements.

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